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1. El gusano del corazón del perro (Dirofilaria immitis) en las Galápagos.

by Barnett, B. D.

Material type: book Book Publisher: Puerto Ayora, Ecuador Estación Científica Charles Darwin 1985Availability: No items available
2. Eradication and control of feral and free-ranging dogs in the Galapagos Islands.

by Barnett, B. D.

Source: De: Salmon, T. A. ed. Proceedings Twelfth Vertebrate Pest Conference, University California, Davis, USAMaterial type: article Article Publisher: 1986Availability: No items available
3. Feral dogs of the Galápagos Islands Impact and control.

by Barnett, B. D., Rudd, R. L.

Source: International Journal Study Animal Problems 4 (1)Material type: article Article Publisher: 1983Availability: No items available
4. Intestinal parasites of dogs on the Galapagos Islands

by Gingrich E.N., Scorza A.V., Clifford E.L., Olea-Popelka F.J.,Lappin M.R.

Material type: article Article Publisher: Veterinary Parasitology 169 2010Availability: No items available
5. Prey selection by feral dogs from a population of marine iguanas (Amblyrhynchus cristatus).

by Kruuk, H., Snell, H. L.

Source: Journal of Applied Ecology 18Material type: article Article Publisher: 1981Availability: No items available
6. Exterminio de los perros salvajes de las Islas Isabela sur y Santa Cruz, Galápagos (proyecto conjunto SPNG - ECCHD, 1981-82).

by Calvopiña, L. H.

Source: Publicaciones Museo Ecuatoriano Ciencias Naturales 7 (5)Material type: article Article Publisher: 1986Availability: No items available
7. Chemical vasectomy of domestic dogs in the Galápagos Islands.

by Barnett, B. D.

Source: Theriogenology 23 (3)Material type: article Article Publisher: 1985Availability: No items available
8. Archipelago-Wide Island Restoration in the Galápagos Islands: Reducing Costs of Invasive Mammal Eradication Programs and Reinvasion Risk.

by Carrion, Victor | Donlan, C. Josh | Campbell, Karl J | Lavoie, Christian | Cruz, Felipe.

Source: PLoS ONE.Material type: article Article Online access: Click here to access online Availability: No items available
9. The morphology of canine & feline blood cells, including equine references / by Rich.

by Rich, Lon J [autor].

Material type: book Book Publisher: St. Louis : Ralston Purina Co., 1974Other title: Morfología de glóbulos caninos y felinos, incluso de las references equinas..Availability: No items available

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